Apr 18 2005

A bunch of pics (250 or so) from our little 10 Year Anniversary on April 9 are added to the pictures section. Check them out :)

Feb 15 2005

Orchrist will do some gigs this year with Grinning Ghoul and Bloody Hands. To see where and when these gigs will happen check out our Gigs-section.

If your interested in having these 3 bands on your festival or gig, just contact us.

Feb 14 2005

Ok, after a long time of "no news" we're back and kickin' ass again! Here's what happened in the last few months:

- In 2005 Orchrist will play as many gigs as possible to promote our new material. You can listen to a small piece of rehearsal material RIGHT HERE!

- We have a new guitar player who listens to the name Yves Neefs. This 19-year old macho from Gierle really knows how to do his thing on the 6-string. Welcome aboard Yves!

- After 4 months of being tied to a hospital bed Robin finally could go home again. He's completely recovered now and back to his "normal" behaviour. But this couldn't hold him to make a decision we all regret: Robin quit the band :(

May 18 2004

Sad news... Our guitar player Robin had a real bad accident with his car in the night of friday to saturday. He slammed into a tree.. The first hours after the accident he was in a critical condition and the doctors were fighting for his live. But tough as he is he managed to pull trough. He's still in intensive care now hooked up to a bunch of machines. He suffered a lot of internal damage (liver, kidneys, pancreas..) and has a broken jaw.
We of Orchrist are wishing him and his family all the best and are hoping for a quick, complete recovery.

April 17 2004

Dieter has decided to share his guitar "knowledge" to the rest of the world, well Belgium to start with, and is now teaching beginning, Belgian, guitar players the fundamentals of rock and metal guitar playing.
Check it out here!

Feb 19 2004

2 new gig dates added. Seems like we finally get to play with Ixion :)
Check it out here!

Jan 13 2004

Hell yeah! There's a video online from the finals of the BMU Contest. This video was shot bij Ronny aka "The Grindkiller". The song is "One Tear, Last Cry". You can download the video here. (Quicktime, 38MB -> Right click on the link and choose "Save target as..")

Sep 29 2003

Orchrist won the 2nd preselection of the BMU Concours!! Read some reviews on these nice sites :)

. BMU Review
. Music Pages Review
. World Of Heavy Metal Review

Sep 8 2003

On September 6 we recorded 3 songs for promotional purposes. I'll add them on the site asap. I took some pictures which you can admire here :)

Feb 15 2003

I've add the screensaver again, this time there are 25 pictures from the last 5 years.
Pictures of gigs, in the studio and on the road...

With one of the screensavers you'll hear the song
"Forwards to eyesight" playing while active.

To get this screensaver click here.

Feb 11 2003

Wow, long fucking time I wrote something here.. Well, just 2 things.

First thing, I automatisated our guestbook so I don't have to copy & paste from emails anymore (like in the stone ages :)), the design still looks like shit but fuck it! But be careful, I've added an option so each member of the band can reply to your wining in the guestbook :)

Second thing, I've received an email from Deadsun records today that the CD's are finally finished and will be send around the world asap. Our band will get approx. 150 CD's ourselves so they will be exhibionated and sold on the site very soon.

Sept 30 2002

Orchrist signed a deal with the French label Deadsun Records. A re-release of "Echoes of the Void" will be made and distributed by this label.

Sept 30 2002

A new Belgian Underground support site has risen! is a project of Wouter Roemers and Anaemica's Dirk Van Haesbroeck. Make sure you visit it!

May 23 2002

We've added the pictures of the CD presentation we did last month.. Check out the "Pictures" section!

January 18 2002

The orchrist site is completely renewed.. please tell us what you think about it in our guestbook.

December 19 2001

Finally the CD has arrived!!! Please Check out our "MUSIC" section for more info.

September 2 2001

Mixing is in full progress. We expect that the CD will be available somewhere in October! We'll keep you informed. With the release of the CD, the website will be renewed completely. New photos (finally!!), new music (finally), ...

July 23 2001

Ok. Sorry for the long time of "silence" but we were working very hard on the CD. The songs all have been recorded (it took us 3 days longer than expected, but hell, it's gonna be great!!). Now all we have to do is get the CD-cover work done and then the CD will be for sale, I'll let you guys know!

June 29, 30 - July 1 2001

Orchrist is going to record it's first full CD at the Harrow studio in Losser (The Netherlands).

November 28 2000

The Orchrist site moved to a new location, from where it will continue it's excistence.

November 22 2000

The mailinglist was put online!

November 7 2000

The "Orchrist Screensaver" was put online!

November 4 2000

This news section was added to the page!

For more info please mail us.